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Help to Buy

Help to Buy

You could buy one of our new homes with a 5% deposit plus a 20% equity loan

This new Government scheme has removed many of the previous restrictions that FirstBuy had, such as you don’t have to be a first time buyer anymore. This has really opened up the opportunity for more people to buy their dream home – so owning your own Upton Square could be a lot easier than you think.

Here’s a working example:

Example of Help to Buy home ownership£%
Open market price of new home£120,000100%
Help to Buy buyer mortgage @ 75%£90,00075%
Help to Buy buyer pays 5% deposit£6,0005%
Help to Buy buyer total contribution£96,00080%
Agency Help to Buy assistance 20% equity loan£24,00020%

Contact us on 01604 244 406 and we’ll let you know what the figures are for the Upton Square home you’re interested in.